About Me

„I strongly believe that my personal struggles, the experiences I made through my darkest times & the process of recovering from it, enable me to give something back to the world, by helping others (…) & by opening room for growth.“

Who is Annabelle?

In 2019 I became a Certified Yoga Teacher – internally already deeply connected with many spiritual aspects of life since my early childhood years & devoted to creativity. My profound artistic nature, as it were, is the vibrant source for my yoga classes. Yoga is my art form, the mat is the white canvas, teaching is my artwork.

I was born & raised in the lovely south of Austria, Carinthia, where I’m also located & teaching from at the moment. Between 2015 – 2021 I lived in Austria’s capital city Vienna, where I studied drama & contemporary dance. However, living there I obviously chose to explore even more options for myself …

My intense passion for exercising & dance inspired me to try several kinds of movement over the years. My own yoga journey already started in 2014 with Chakra Yoga – since then I have had the chance to get to know various yoga styles & techniques. During my 200h YYT with ONE YOGA Vienna in 2018/19 I’ve started to really feel that it means a lot to me to be able to share my enthusiasm & joy for movement & spirituality, my individual approach to yoga with other people, as well as exchanging experiences & views.

„One of the most fascinating things about yoga for me is the unlimited multidimensional nature of the practise, to explore the different layers & therefore arriving much deeper with oneself. The core essence. It’s so much more than just practising motion sequences … in my view it’s a precious process & to be on the search for inner balance with curiosity & compassion.“

Since 2021 I seized several opportunities to deepen & develop my yoga journey further by completing enriching continuing trainings online for Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra Meditation with Kate Kuss | Soul & Steady Yoga Parlour. There are always chances to discover new ideas & expanding the expertise.

„Whenever I teach yoga, I try to be empathetic & understanding with my students, their own personal issues & offer them the tools of the practise. Teaching lifts me up. Sharing my knowledge & experience feels like my thing, something I have to do – teaching & offering help to improve people’s life quality & overall well-being.“

Besides yoga I keep myself busy with literary writing & painting, spend my free time engaging in various exercise- & ballet classes, as well as learning languages. Due to my own experiences with mental health issues & struggles, like disordered eating, anxiety, amongst others, it’s a matter of great importance to me to speak openly about psychosocial topics on social media, in order to raise more awareness & tolerance – for a respectful & understanding community spirit.

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